You’re Not In The Forces Now

Want an understanding of what goes on within you after military training, after combat and particularly with PTSD?  Watch this video:

This video records a presentation which provides an explanation of how military service, involvement in war and the subsequent effects may be linked. It also introduces the veteran to the skills that can be developed to manage the future.

A fantastic video of a presentation by Psychologist and Vietnam Veteran, Nic Fothergill, originally made for Australian Vietnam Veterans, that applies to ALL who have served, especially important for those with mental health problems.

Every soldier – male or female – who goes into war, is going to be damaged in some way, permanently.” Nic Fothergill, Psychologist and Vietnam Veteran

What Others Say About “You’re Not In The Forces Now”

I haven’t met a vet yet who hasn’t watched it and by the end of it the lights started to click and understand military programming to symptom severity, what happens within us, so we know what we must do in order to get it and keep it under control the best we can. The amount of money the US spend on trying to educate their vets… then they see that video and the penny drops.

You’re not in the Forces Now is an excellent series of videos explaining PTSD and its cause, effects, signs and symptoms. Armed Forces personnel were conditioned to War, but not re-conditioned to civi life!

Nic Fothergill in the VVCS (2001) DVD observes that all Australian veterans, irrespective of their final job within the services, are subjected to the same basic training. Tasks are learned by repetition (drills) and reinforced by the use of rewards or punishment. He describes how the military train personnel to activate the fight response with so that personnel will instinctively react with discipline and in unison. He notes that unfortunately this training may shape inappropriate or unhelpful responses to stress in civilian life. Fothergill adds that this inappropriate aggression usually harms both the veteran and their families by damaging relationships and their support.

One of the best videos I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching and learning from. Want a true understanding of what goes on within you after combat, with PTSD? You will by the end of this.