Woman Veteran Writers

Women Veteran Writers (WVW) grew from a chance encounter at a Sunshine Coast veteran forum to our first writers workshop in 2016. The initial group of talented women veterans responded with enthusiasm and wanted more, so we formed the Women Veteran Writers with an aim to foster the freedom provided through writing.

We endeavour, in a safe, understanding and female only environment, to share our skill and experiences across all genres or formats, without judgement, and to use the written word to glory in our achievements, to remember and to explore our imaginations.

The Women Veteran Writers hope to achieve this by;

  • the use of various platforms including closed group social media pages, websites and workshops
  • using the skills of our members to facilitate craft of writing workshops
  • providing online information
  • promoting and sharing the works of our members
  • encouraging and providing advice
  • critiquing, if requested, the writing projects of our members
  • participating in and contributing to writing projects

WVW is a group for women veterans and current servicing female members with an interest in writing of any type. There are no pre-requisites or basic skill set requirements.

The group is for those who don’t know where or how to start their writing idea; those seeking guidance and advice on how to progress a writing project; those wanting to expand, share or refresh their skills and knowledge; and those simply with an interest in the art of writing.

If this is you, please Request to Join WVW.

Comments from 2016 Writing Workshop

The workshop was of benefit:

to put into ‘words’ what was swirling in my head

hearing the stories of other writers and refreshing my knowledge of structure

gave good direction on where to start

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