WVNA aim to provide a cohesive and engaging environment for Australian women veterans to network effectively on social media and in local groups.

WVN groups are inclusive of all ranks who are currently serving or have served in the Navy, Army or Air Force; either in a full-time or Reserve capacity, whether they have deployed or not.

WVNA groups are a resource for women veterans seeking to make connections and access to local information and services.

facebookAll women who have served are encouraged to join WVN groups to connect with others, in both local and national forums, for networking and support.

Women veterans can connect with other women veterans via Closed Facebook groups.

facebookaJoin a regional WVN group to:

  • Share information about local activities and services
  • Ask questions and discuss issues
  • Meet up and enjoy a social connection with other women who have served.

Join the Women Veterans Network Australia Forum to connect with other women veterans throughout Australia and an opportunity for discussion on a broader range of issues affecting military women.

Interested in participating in the national discussion on women veteran’s issues?

Join the closed Facebook group:

Become a member. With your help, we hope to move forward the conversation around women veterans in Australia for all women who have served, are currently serving or will serve in the future.

Help create the future of women veterans today. Contact us.

Facebook Local Groups

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