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Nicky was born in England in May 1967 and emigrated to Australia with her family in 1968. She grew up in Melbourne Victoria and joined the Army in 1986. Nicky has served for over 30 years with deployments to Bougainville and East Timor and has had over 17 postings within Australia. Nicky continues to serve in Townsville today. Nicky has a serving spouse and a five-year-old son. Throughout Nicky’s lengthy career she has seen many changes and is a great advocate for WVNA.

I came into this organisation not realising the potential and positive effect it has on those we open our arms to. There is something about connecting women in a comfortable and social setting that leaves you and those around you feeling uplifted.



Barbara grew up on a property in New South Wales and joined the Army Reserve as a teenager. She joined the Australian Army in 1992 as an Administration Clerk and had a number of postings around Australia. Barbara is the wife, sister, mother and mother-in-law of current serving members and the daughter-in-law of a Vietnam Veteran. Barbara is a co-founder of the WVNA and finds that networking with others who have shared similar experiences or have knowledge of services can be invaluable.

There is nothing quite like connecting with someone who has walked a mile in your shoes. The WVNA is a great opportunity to connect women who have served and is a fantastic social group who simply ‘get’ you regardless of service, rank or age.



Brenda was born in the small country town of Urana NSW and spent most of her childhood growing up in the Riverina Region. Brenda joined the Australian Army in November 1989 and was allocated to the Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps as a Storeman Tech General. Brenda has completed twelve postings and two deployments during her career and she is a current serving member in Townsville.

“I am excited & passionate about part of an organisation that allows all female veterans a place where they can finally feel equal; regardless of the type of service, rank, role, time or country in which they served.”



Barb enlisted into the Australian Army as part of the first female Ready Reserve platoon in January 1992. She was initially allocated to Transport Corps and after a few years she transferred to Ordnance Corps as an Administration Clerk. Barb then re-enlisted into the ARA in January 1997. Being deployed to Timor as it became an independent nation was one of her numerous career highlights. Transferring to the Reserves in 2006, Barb has continued to serve at a variety of units whilst moving around Australia with three young children to accompany her husband on posting.

I love seeing female veterans (re)connecting and supporting each other through the WVNA.


Committee Member

Ramon grew up in the small country town of Portland NSW and joined the Australian Army in 1996. She spent 16 years in the Transport Corps and was medically discharged in 2012. Ramon had the opportunity to deploy as a Postal Clerk to Iraq, Afghanistan and twice to East Timor. Ramon had lost connection with friends and family and was diagnosed with PTSD two years after discharge. She decided to start catch ups with other veterans. Ramon is a co-founder of the WVNA and is passionate about helping women veterans connect for support and community.

Helping veterans helps me.