Women Veterans Network Australia
Who We Are

WVNA is about connecting past and present Women of Defence with resources, support & information to live an empowered & fulfilling life. Women have unique transitional challenges because of their role in the military and society. They experience deployment and reintegration different than men.

WVNA is the only organisation in Australia that is solely focused on the wellbeing of female veterans. We reach multiple women, communities and organisations in metro, regional, rural and remote locations across Australia.

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“Surround yourself with people who will lift you higher.” Oprah Winfrey

Why partner with us?

Women have unique transition challenges because of their role in the military and society. They experience deployment and reintegration differently than men. All women veterans are welcome to join WVN groups to connect with others, in both local and national forums, for networking and support in a respectful, encouraging and considerate environment.

What do we do?

Our Values – Our core values clearly define how we interact with one another, our partners, and those we serve. WVNA members helped develop this list of values that will guide the strategic plans for our unique organisation:


Respect – We honour each individual’s unique service experience and operate in a spirit of cooperation, compassion and understanding.

Empowerment – We are committed to sharing information and resources with past and present Women of Defence so that they can take initiative and make decisions to solve problems, deal with challenges and improve their lives.

Support – We are building a strong community of women who have served where sharing information and ideas is encouraged and met with a safe and nurturing response.

Connection – We provide a network of support for women veterans to socialise, share information and access services to help ease transition, reduce the risk of isolation and assist with readjustment challenges.

Integrity – We are honest, transparent and ethical in our relationships and service to our community.

Inclusion – Our community is inclusive of all women who have served and we support all organisations who assist veterans with equality and compassion.

Encouragement – We give support, confidence and hope to women veterans in a cohesive and engaging environment on social media, and in local groups.


Women veterans can connect with other women veterans via Closed Facebook groups.

Join a regional WVN Facebook Group to:

Share information about local activities and services
Ask questions and discuss issues

Meet up and enjoy a social connection with other women who have served.

Join the Women Veterans Network Australia Forum to get involved in the national discussion, share information and ideas, ask questions and tackle issues important to women veterans. With your help we hope to move forward the conversation around women veterans in Australia for all women who have served, are currently serving or will serve in the future.

Help create the future of women veterans today.